At last the complete ferry story (until it changes again)

At last the complete ferry story (until it changes again)

So we’re nearly there. The new Monday Big Blue Star sailings will definitely continue through to late October, though the time of the morning sailing varies a little in high season. There’s still no certainty as to which ship will operate the Wednesday and Friday sailings – the Blue Star booking system says the Patmos, but then it has the Patmos as operating sailings in the Cyclades at the exact same times. At least we can be pretty sure there will be a ship of some sort! There’s a tweak to the Wednesday morning sailings in high season – they’re an hour later.

So here are the new/amended ferry schedules for summer 2018:

June to beginning September



and the updated “Same Day to Symi” table. This is now dramatically longer thanks to Sunday and Monday afternoon/evening sailings. Do note that not every flight on the list has a same day ferry connection on the way home again – but it definitely does on the way there!

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  1. It looks like the Blue Star has changed again, now just running the Blue Star 2 on a Monday at 10.45am – also, do you know anything about this new boat that is supposed to be starting?!

    1. Blue Star still operate 3 days a week, it is just that the Wednesday and Friday sailings are by the Nissos Chios of sister company Hellenic Seaways, complete with large “Operated by Blue Star Ferries” slogan painted on both sides. A Blue Star ship operates in the same way on a traditionally Hellenic Seaways route. They’re trying to fit the size and speed of ferries to the route in the most efficient way.

      ANES new high-speed crft Sebeco has finally been launched last week. It still requires sea trials, safety inspections, and an operating licence! Suggestions that it will be in service between Symi and Rhodes by the end of this month seem extremely optimistic since there’s only 5 days left, and there’s no sign of a timetable yet.

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