Yet more ferry changes!

Yet more ferry changes!

It now appears possible that the Blue Star Patmos will be replaced by Hellenic Seaways ship Nissos Chios for high season operations through Symi. Hellenic Seaways has just been taken over by Blue Star’s parent Attica Enterprises and a major timetable recast is under way.

Then, Greek shipping enthusiasts report that old friend Symi II has left Piraeus after winter overhaul and has made her way to Rhodes via Panormitis, what she is to do there remains to be seen, she was originally going to operate in the Sporades again this summer.

In other ANES line news, the new high speed craft has emerged from the shipyard that built her. Next will come sea trials, to see if the contracted performance can be achieved, safety inspections, and certification. Only then will she carry passengers. Rumours are that there will be a return to Rhodes-Symi, but they have yet to even apply for a route licence, let alone publish timetables.

On Friday Blue Star Patmos used the new quay at Petalo, beyond the petrol station, for the first time. Blue Star was already using the quay for its Monday sailings by Blue Star 1 and Blue Star 2, and it seems likely that all Blue Star (and potentially Hellenic Seaways) operations will now use the new quay.

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