Ferry swap

Ferry swap

The latest rumour, which actually seems pretty firm, is that Symi II will resume service between Symi and Rhodes from 11 June in place of Sea Dreams vessel the Symi which will head off to the Sporades to do the work Symi II had been expected to do this summer. The logic seems to be that the vehicle-carrying capacity of Symi is not utilised to any great extent, particularly now that Blue Star 1 and 2 appear every Monday, Blue Star Patmos every Wednesday and Friday, and Panagia Skiadeni every day, and could actually be financially rewarding in the Sporades.

Two side effects of this is that the Sunday evening sailings have disappeared from the Sea Dreams timetable after this weekend, and that Sea Dreams will also stop selling one-way or period return tickets after Sunday. So far there’s no sign of ANES, who after all own Symi II, selling tickets at all, so we may have fewer boats for people wanting to overnight or longer on Symi than appeared even 5 days ago. Of course there’s the promised ANES high-speed craft which might fill the gap.

The idea that Nissos Chios “on hire to Blue Star” would do the Blue Star Patmos trips this high-season summer is no longer a rumour, it starts on 15 June. Of course Hellenic Seaways and Blue Star are now under common ownership so the cross-hiring is a paper transaction. In the same way, Blue Star’s Diagoras, having returned to Greece from Morocco, will operate some Hellenic Seaways sailings out of Thessaloniki. All part of matching ship capacity and speed to the route.

Now I’m waiting to see if the ship swaps result in any other changes to departure and arrival times.

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