The return of Symi II and other shipping news

The return of Symi II and other shipping news

Yes, it’s true. Tomorrow, something like 8 years after I travelled on her last departure from Yialos to Rhodes, Symi II will return to Yialos, operating the daily day-tripper run from Rhodes on behalf of Sea Dreams.

But this is not currently a scheduled ferry service, you can only purchase day return tickets from Rhodes, and none at all from the Symi end, so the number of actual ferries to/from Symi is reduced. Apart from the barely started Sunday evening sailing, which now stops tonight, this does not matter much since the Panagia Skiadeni runs at much the same times but takes 30 minutes less on the way.

The ANES high-speed ferry, which does exist and has been photographed, has yet to complete sea trials, but is supposed to provide a replacement ferry service in due course. Unfortunately nobody knows when “in due course” will be, since the ferry needs to complete trials, receive safety certification, and receive official approval for route and timetable. Hopefully the end of the month, but wheels grind slowly.

On the same topic, the replacement of Blue Star Patmos on her runs through Symi is still scheduled for next weekend. So far Nissos Chios is only loaded into the reservation databases for the next 3 weeks, this is because government approval for the change is provisional and awaits confirmation for the rest of the season. Confirmation is required because this is a subsidised service and the name of the ship is part of the contract.

Nissos Chios. Photo from Hellenic Seaways

Finally for today, the Kos-based high speed craft Iris Jet popped in and out of Yialos at around 8am today, as part of a journey Kos-Bodrum-Symi-Antalya which must surely be a charter of some sort.

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