Ferry departure points

Ferry departure points

Thanks to Melanie for a reminder that this week Lakis Travel started operating services using the Symi Bus to connect the new “big ferry” quay with the Clock Tower and with Chorio and Pedi at times to suit the Blue Star 1 or 2 and the Nissos Chios. All these ferries use the new quayside, indeed the Blue Star 1 and 2 couldn’t possibly fit anywhere else.

Melanie says that passengers numbers on the new bus services were initially disappointing and I hope that Lakis persists for long enough to allow people travelling from elsewhere to Symi to find out that there is a bus connection off their ferries and use it.

The Dodekanisos Seaways ferries continue to use the Clock Tower as their departure point, and of course Sea Dreams don’t currently have a ferry service at all. For those who missed the news, the Symi has gone off to the Sporades for the summer, and the Symi II has returned to her home island instead, but as yet she has no ferry licence so can only carry day excursion passengers. She uses the same berth Symi used  by the bus terminal, which indeed was used by Symi II for many years. The Rhodes departure point of Symi II is not Akandia (because she doesn’t carry vehicles) but instead is at the landward end of the Tourist Port quay, just before the area used by ferries to Turkey. This saves Sea Dreams from staffing two separate ticket offices and makes provision of transfer coaches easier as they can be shared with the Marmaris excursions.

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