The new high-speed craft for ANES has been photographed actually in the water, and carrying the name Sebeco.

Greek shipping enthusiasts say the name is derived from a type of light, fast and manoeuvrable vessel used by pirates in the Aegean in past centuries. However, I hope ANES are not expecting to stop and seize ships at sea this summer.

Now according to leaks (oh, not a great choice of phrase when discussing boats, sorry) the Sebeco, if this is her final name, would enter service this weekend. As far as I can tell, she has yet to complete sea trials and her safety inspection so this seems highly unlikely.

The advisory commission on coastal shipping has approved both Sebeco and Symi II to operate as scheduled ferries on the Rhodes to Symi route, but final approval from the Minister has yet to be announced, nor has a timetable been published.

Symi II did indeed perform the Sunday evening extra trip from Rhodes to Symi and back last week, but there’s no available information about whether it will operate again on Sunday 1 July. In the meantime she is keeping busy on her traditional Rhodes-Symi-Panormitis-Rhodes day trip duties every day.

4 thoughts on “Sebeco?

  1. Thanks for the interesting news regarding the new ANES vessel. Let’s hope its debut is quicker than the other new Aegean based high speed vessel, Iris Jet, which appears to have taken root in the Turkish port of Iskenderun! Do you have an physical details of the new ANES boat?

    1. Since Sebeco now has an actual ferry route licence things are definitely moving. All I can say so far about the ferry is that it is passenger carrying only – there’s no boarding ramp, and she has airline style seating on two decks. Important information like service speed and passenger capacity is entirely lacking.
      Iris Jet was never intended to be a ferry, just to offer day excursions from Kos, and it looks like the owners have decided there is insufficient interest to be profitable. How they judge these things I don’t know

  2. Andy
    Regarding A.N.E.S SEBEC0: I could not find any further details like IMO or MMSI Number, Call-Sign etc. from the new ANES vessel. Also, the ANES WEB page does not show further details except the timetable and it does also not show up in the “Marine Traffic Live Map”. Is there any further information?

    1. The MMSI number is 240109700. Callsign is SVA8318
      I have no problem whatever in finding it on just using the name Sebeco, there seems to be only one ship with this name in their entire database. On Tuesday I tracked it right across the Aegean from the launch site to Symi, and yesterday from Symi to Rhodes. Today it shows up in the Rhodes ship repair yard just fine.
      The ANES website gives only minimal details for any of their ferries, so no help there.

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