Sebeco Part 3 – at last the timetable and a start date.

Sebeco Part 3 – at last the timetable and a start date.

After successful sea trials on 3 July, and hopefully tidying up all the paperwork, ANES released the timetable for Sebeco for the period 11 July to 9 September today. It will be the same every day:

Dep.Port Departs Est.Duration Arrives Arr.Port
Symi 08:00 1 Hr 09:00 Rhodes
Rhodes 10:00 1 Hr 11:00 Symi
Symi 14:30 30 Min 15:00 Panormitis
Panormitis 16:00 30 Min 16:30 Symi
Symi 16:45 1 Hr 17:45 Rhodes
Rhodes 18:30 1 Hr 19:30 Symi

As you can see, there’s an evening sailing from Rhodes every day, and a morning sailing from Symi to Rhodes every day, along with a set of sailings in between targetting daytrippers but available to anyone.

On line booking is not yet available, but may well pop up any time soon since ANES does have online booking for all its other services. Updated 9 July – it’s available now at the ANES website

What don’t we know yet (but will hopefully find out in the next 24 hours)?

Fares   Updated 9 July – €13 one way Symi -Rhodes or Rhodes – Symi

Departure point in Rhodes

Departure point in Symi (I’m guessing near the bus terminus)

I’ve seen photos and video, and she appears to have a combination of airline-style seats in two air-conditioned cabin areas, plus open deck seating. Top speed looks good – will need to be given the timetable.

And no, I don’t know what happens from 10 September onwards, let’s get the service started first!

So tonight looks like the last Symi II Sunday evening sailing of the year.


5 thoughts on “Sebeco Part 3 – at last the timetable and a start date.

  1. Hi Andy

    At last have managed to make a reservation on the Sebeco for the 12th July. Do you know where the ticket office and boarding is for her?

    1. We know that the Symi end ticket agent is Lakis Travel, and expect the Symi boarding point to be near the bus terminus.
      But as I say in the blog, they’ve told us nothing yet about where she will leave from in Rhodes, or where tickets can be collected there. Back in the day, there was a mobile ticket office built into a Volkswagen van which they used on Rhodes, but after the years with no service at all, I doubt if they still have the van.

      1. Thank you Andy. On-line booking is indeed available – we have booked today – but nowhere does it say where we board the boat! We remember that van, and it was in Mandraki we think. I will phone Anez tomorrow and hope to find out – we travel on 12th July, 10am. Regards,

    1. Shows up on the live map for me, though of course it is in the repair yard so not moving.

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