Sebeco part 4 – on the move

Sebeco part 4 – on the move

Looks like tomorrow really is the day!

Sebeco is currently passing Syros at 20 knots on her way to Symi from the shipyard.

And while we now have:

a timetable for the next 8 weeks; online booking and the fares;

we STILL don’t know definitely the departure point in Rhodes, and where in Rhodes people are supposed to exchange online booking confirmations for actual tickets.

8 thoughts on “Sebeco part 4 – on the move

  1. Good Evening Andy,

    Do you know if the Sebeco will dock at the tower near the Hotel Nireus or the New Harbour extension in Symi ?
    Many thanks

    1. Neither, I think, but from the mooring point by the bus terminus. Tomorrow will tell, but that’s where she is right now.

  2. Hi Andy,

    We are arriving on Rhodes Wednesday night so this will be handy for a trip on Thurs morning. Hopefully we will be able to see where she docks, otherwise it’s the Panagia.
    Will keep an eye on your blog though, maybe you will find out first.

    1. She’s just arrived, on her first sailing from Symi, at the landward end of the Tourist Port quay (that’s the one used by the vast cruise ships and by ferries to Turkey). There’s just enough room for two or three smallish ferry or excursion boats to fit in before you get to the secure area for international passengers, and that’s where she is. So halfway between Kolonna and Akandia.

  3. Thank you for your detective work
    Andy. I did phone Paleologos (in Heraklion) where I bought the tickets and was sharply told “It’s at the port – there’s only one”! Now to find out where the ticket office is! Will keep tuned in – we travel to Symi tomorrow – still in Cardiff at the moment. The Panagia must be going to Panormitis first as it doesn’t arrive at Symi until 1pm. xx

  4. Hi Andy
    Is the place in Rhodes called Rhodes Dock, with the Police station nearby? We are looking at Google maps.
    Sue xx

    1. There is nowhere called Rhodes Dock on the island, Google Maps seem to have made that up. There are a couple of boat repair yards, neither are called Rhodes Dock or are anywhere near the Police Station.
      The Police Station is by Mandraki Harbour (used by yachts and day excursion boats). From there follow the coastline southwards, past Kolonna (used by Dodekanisos Seaways high speed catamarans) and the next quay you come to is signposted Tourist Port. That’s the one that Sebeco is moored at having made her first ever trip from Symi. Unfortunately Google Maps for Greece bears little relationship to any signs you can see, they call the road at the landward end of the Tourist Port Akti Sachouri. But you can’t miss it, it usually has several vast cruise liners moored at the seaward end.
      Now will Sebeco depart from there too? We won’t know until ANES gets round to telling people, or the marine traffic trackers show her as on the move back to Symi.

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