Late summer and autumn ferries

Late summer and autumn ferries

Alert readers will have noticed that the High Season timetable for ferries effectively ends on 9 September. Today ANES has announced that their ferry Sebeco will continue in operation until 31 October – previously ending on 9 September.

The timetable up to 14 October is very much the same as today, except that journeys between Symi and Rhodes each way now take an hour and 10 minutes, in the light of experience. Departure times haven’t changed.

Between 15 and 31 October the timetable changes significantly. The morning departures are still at 08:00 from Symi and 10:00 from Rhodes, but the trip to Panormitis and back doesn’t happen and she leaves for Rhodes at 13:30, returning from Rhodes to Symi at 15:15. Sunday 28 October has a one-off timetable all its own.

Here is the combined ferry timetable for 10-30 September

and here for October

17 thoughts on “Late summer and autumn ferries

  1. Thanks for this. Do you know what’s happening on Wed 26 Sep – from the chart it’s not totally clear. That’s the day we’re needing to travel from Rhodes to Symi after getting off the early flight from Kastelorizo.

    Thanks again.

    1. Sorry -in which way is it not clear, so I can improve things?
      Wednesday sailings from Rhodes on 26 September
      08:30 Dodekanisos Express, arrives 09:20
      09:30 Panagia Skiadeni, goes via Panormitis so arrives at 13:00
      10:00 Sebeco, arrives 11:10
      18:00 Blue Star Patmos, arrives 19:15
      18:30 Sebeco, arrives 19:40
      By your date the 13:00 departure of Dodekanisos Pride has finished for the season, it only runs up to the 19th of September.

      1. Hi apologies I was misreading it – the ‘until 19 Sept’ bit threw me. Your calendar is much much clearer than the GTP website, thank you again for providing this.

  2. I’m having a similar problem with the timetable for that day.
    The Dodek website would allow me (if I wanted to lend the company my money for a month, which I may do to get the discount on a return fare) to make a booking from Symi to Rhodes on the Express leaving Symi at 1745 and arriving Rhodes at 1830. But unles my eyes deceive me, your chart doesn’t offer me any Dodek sailing on Wednesday 26 Sept, the latest departure from Symi apparently being the Sebeco at 1645. Not a major problem, but…

    1. Thanks for telling me. Feedback is really welcome. You’ve found a genuine mistake, which I’ve now fixed. This one dates back to February, when Dodekanisos Seaways first released their timetable and for about a couple of weeks this sailing was missing. They then added it right through from May to October, and I must have failed to add it to this table (though I did it on the others). Since then Blue Star have changed ships and times, Sebeco has arrived and “Symi” left, and in all those 6 months neither I nor anyone else has noticed the mistake on this table. Maybe it is time to stop doing it if only one person notices in all that time.

      1. Don’t stop, please! Your compilations must be invaluable for relatively inexperienced independent travellers and, as you can see, old hands check them out too (not just me – Lesley is no newbie either).

  3. Hi Andy, I will be arriving on Rhodes 19 September on a later flight from Gatwick 19 + I think,
    are there any direct sailing to Symi on the 20 in the morning, ( Thursday ) or only with the stop over in Panormitis .
    Thursdays seem to be a nearly no sailing day !!

    1. Sure there is a sailing. ANES Sebeco depart Rhodes 10am, arrive Symi 11:10am

        1. Hi Andy, a little help please– where can I get my tickets in advance on the Sebeco on line from the U K .
          Many thanks.

          1. You can book tickets on-line from the ferry company itself –
            They send you a booking confirmation which you exchange for actual tickets when you reach the port.
            There’s no way to get the actual tickets delivered in the UK, and there are some very dodgy ferry booking sites out there that take the money and provide nothing despite promising delivery, so I always recommend people book with the ferry operator on-line direct if they need to book before they reach Greece. Once in Greece, there are ticket agents who can issue the physical ticket on the spot

  4. I agree with Jan, very helpful site please continue to run it.

    I presume it’s quick enough to buy tickets for Sebeco at its mooring point at the Tourist Port? And there’s no need to buy in advance?

    Thanks again.

    1. I’ve not even seen Sebeco myself yet, so all the information I have comes from others. That is that tickets for the morning sailing from Rhodes can be bought from an octagonal wooden hut at the Tourist Port, shared with Sea Dreams. The evening sailings from Rhodes have a problem. The sea state at that time of day means they have to close the open air deck to passengers because of the amount of spray that comes aboard. As a result capacity is limited and advance booking might be an idea. Tickets for departures from Symi can be had from Lakis Travel or Symi Tours

  5. Hi Andy,
    Great work as ever.
    Thanks for putting up Sept & Oct which covers our visit.
    I just tried to book through the ANES site but it wasn’t accepting reservations for 20th Sept & 10th Oct although it was working when I tried next week.
    Do reservations not open until Sept do you think ?
    And is the ticket office for the Sebeco at the port ?
    Thanks for all your invaluable assistance.

    1. I’d say that they simply haven’t loaded all the dates into the online booking system yet. As you can see from their site. they’ve made the timetable public.
      I haven’t even seen Sebeco myself yet. I’m told that they have a ticket hut at the Tourist Port quay, shared with Sea Dreams. Octagonal wooden building.

      1. Thanks Andy and apologies for the second comment I sent this morning – couldn’t see my earlier comment and your helpful reply when I first logged in.

  6. Hi Andy,
    Great service – the composite timetables are excellent.
    Do you when ANES will start taking bookings beyond 9th Sept as that appears to be the latest date currently available on the website.
    Also is the ticket kiosk beside the ferry ?

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