2018 bankrupt airlines #2 – Primera

2018 bankrupt airlines #2 – Primera

And the breaking news is – goodbye Primera Air as of tonight. They’d been a successful holiday charter flight operator operating from Scandanavia, and have taken bookings for scheduled flights between various Danish airports and Rhodes for dates up to the end of this month, which will now not happen. We don’t know yet what arrangements will be made for passengers in resort.

They’d successfully made the transition from charter to leisure scheduled airline, but ambition got the better of them and they started transatlantic flights, including from the UK. Poor choices of airport on both sides of the Atlantic, and late delivery of new aircraft (or rather the engines to power the planes – the aircraft themselves were sitting completed but engineless) used up their working capital.

I fear this may not be the last European airline to fail this autumn.

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    1. My money is on WOW Air of Iceland which looks decidedly rocky, though Norwegian is a money-sink and they need to scale back their activities very soon to survive. Strong rumours that some airline divisions of both the TUI group and the Thomas Cook group are on borrowed time too, though that would be an orderly closedown rather than bankruptcy, and the parent companies are financially sound..

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