Winter ferries, Panormitis and after

Winter ferries, Panormitis and after

Dodekanisos Seaways have now released their timetable for the first half of the winter.  The period either side of the Panormitis Festival in early November sees the usual “how many times can three ships visit Panormitis in one day?” competition, and then things settle down to the standard calls on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays by Dodekanisos Pride. Friday and Sunday services continue to Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi and Patmos and return.

Saturday services go as far as Kos and Kalymnos, Monday boats visit Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Lipsi and Agathonisi.

Expect much the same between January and March, except that the Dodekanisos Express will take over at some
point.Edited to add – this timetable continues up to the end of March 2019. Periodically the ship used swaps between the Dodekanisos Express and the Pride to allow for annual maintenance, crew holidays etc. There will be minor variations around Christmas and the New Year due to public holidays etc.

Blue Star have an extra sailing from Piraeus to Kos, Symi, and Rhodes on Sunday 4 November (reaching Symi at 07:15 on Monday 5th) and returning from Rhodes on Monday 5th at 16:00. These use Nissos Rodos – note that there is no call at Santorini so Symi has possibly for the first time ever a sailing to Piraeus with only one stop.

The regular Wednesday and Friday boats will likely continue all winter, but the government is as usual being dilatory in approving contracts.

ANES have not said what if anything they will be doing after 31 October yet.

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  1. Hi Andy,
    Where can one find this newly released timetable? Im planning a trip (via Bodrum) in the next week and urgently need to see sailing times for Kos-Symi return, but can’t find this information. Any links to the Dodekanesos would be much appreciated.

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