Summer ferries 2019

Summer ferries 2019

We now have Dodekanisos Seaways timings available up to the end of SeptemberOctober, along with Blue Star to the end of October, which was released earlier.

I haven’t produced my usual summary timetables yet, because ANES are only just beginning to wake from their hibernation and start revealing summer timetables. They haven’t got round to Symi yet, that’s if they intend to. It is certainly the case that they’ve applied for permission to use Sebeco in the Piraeus-Aegina area between November 2019 and October 2020. What they intend to do with her this summer remains to be seen, she’s moored up in Rhodes at the moment.

Symi II will operate as a day excursion boat for Sea Dreams again this summer, (no one-way tickets sold, no baggage carried), and Symi is expected to be in the Sporades again along with Proteus. The Proteus timetable is out, as yet Symi’s times are unknown.
Change of plan already – Symi II is back to the Sporades, and the timetable is published. Symi will return to her plodding up and down between Rhodes, Symi, and Panormitis instead, from 15 May onwards – for Sea Dreams, of course, and with no one-way or period return tickets available.

4 thoughts on “Summer ferries 2019

  1. Hi Andy
    Can you please forward the ferry times from Rhodes to Symi for Wednesday 26thJune returning Saturday 6th July and link to book.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Rhodes to Symi 26 June:
      08:30 Dodekanisos Express. Departs from Kolonna Quay
      09:30 Panagia Skiadeni. Departs from Akandia Quay and calls at Panormitis Monastery on the way, so takes 3 1/2 hours
      These two sailings by Dodekanisos Seaways
      18:00 Nissos Chios. Departs from Akandia Quay. Ship painted for Hellenic Seaways but operated by Blue Star Ferries
      Plus whatever ANES ferries operate – sailings at 10:00 and at 18:30 last year.
      Saturday 6 July Symi to Rhodes
      16:30 Panagia Skiadeni
      17:35 Dodekanisos Express. Both operated by Dodekanisos Seaways, link above
      Again, no ANES yet, last year there was an 08:00 and a 16:45.
      I certainly recommend that you do not book any ferries at all yet. Without knowledge of ANES’s contribution, you may end up with something that suits you less than you could get, and there’s every chance some times will alter before the end of June.

    1. In reply to your query, there is no “Normally” where ANES are concerned. From 2011 to 2017, they operated no sailings at all between Rhodes and Symi. At the end of June 2018 they bought a brand new ferry, the Sebeco and said they’d run two sailings each way a day between Rhodes and Symi. Not surprisingly, they didn’t announce a timetable until they’d actually taken delivery of the ferry, so the announcement date was also late June. If they intend to run Sebeco on the same route in 2019, they’re likely to start in May, but there’s absolutely nothing to guide us in when they’ll release a timetable. When I travelled on her in October, the travel time was 1 hour 10 minutes.

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