Getting to Symi – summer ferries

Getting to Symi – summer ferries

Travellers to Symi normally arrive by ferry (unless you’re well heeled enough to afford a yacht or a helicopter). Here is a first attempt at the summer combined ferry timetable. At this stage we don’t know if ANES will operate any kind of ferry service to Symi in 2019 or not, so for the benefit of those wanting to book accommodation I’ve based the timetable just on those published by Blue Star Ferries and Dodekanisos Seaways. The published timetables are confusing for October and I expect corrections to be made, so there’s no point in adding to the confusion yet.

May 2019

June to September 2019

8 thoughts on “Getting to Symi – summer ferries

  1. Hi Andy.

    Your tireless research is always appreciated….so it sounds churlish to ask a request, but Scandi flights…?

  2. Hi Andy we arrive in Rhodes from UK 5th june 2019
    At 12 o’clock mid day , could you please tell me which ferry we be able to catch for. Symi
    Best Regards Hazel

    1. Hi, Hazel
      Definitely there will be Blue Star Ferries “Nissos Chios” at 6pm. Probably there will also be ANES Ferries “Sebeco” at 5.30pm but the timetable for this ship in June hasn’t been released yet.

      1. Good Morning Andy
        Thank you for your prompt reply
        I will go ahead and book the Blue Star
        Have a good day and a Happy Easter .

        1. By all means book Blue Star if you want to, Hazel, but there’s absolutely no need to this early. The ship holds 2000+ passengers, and departing Rhodes will be nearly empty. She picks up more passengers at each island called at on the way to Piraeus (Athens), and Symi is the first stop. It takes no longer to purchase a ticket on the day than to pick up a prebooked ticket, it’s all the same ticket window on the quayside, and I have a rooted objection to making interest free loans to shipowners.
          Greeks hardly ever book more than a day or so in advance, because they know that timetable changes happen, or they find a more suitable timing (such as Sebeco in this case?).

  3. Hi, Andy: I am trying to reserve a cabin for my husband and me on the Blue Star site for Sept. 10. I have no idea which choice of accommodation I should enter for each of us. We want either a double bunk or two single bunks in a cabin by ourselves. There seems to be no description of the types of accommodation on the site that I can find. Can you help???

    1. That’s easy. The codes are LUX (Luxury cabin, one double bed), A4 (Outside cabin with porthole) with up to 4 berths, AB4 (inside cabin, with no porthole and up to 4 berths) and AB2 (inside cabin, no porthole, 2 berths). They are explained during the booking process on Blue Star’s website, and during booking it is also possible to book a 4 berth cabin for just two people to share and these options are on the drop-down list in the booking system. Avoid booking on the online system of any agent as the detailed cabin options may not appear, just the codes.

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