Getting to Symi 2019 – Italy

Getting to Symi 2019 – Italy

Here are the flight tables for summer service from Italy to Rhodes and Kos. Note that Milan Linate airport closes for maintenance from late July for the rest of the summer, and Alitalia flights to Rhodes switch departure point to Malpensa as a result. I’d like to acknowledge the website Rhodes Airport Aviation News which enabled me to make sense of Alitalia’s timetable – certainly Alitalia’s website doesn’t.

Flights from Italy

Flights from Scandanavia and Finland

Flights from Netherlands

Flights from Austria

Flights from Switzerland

Flights from France

Flights from Germany

Flights from the UK

Flights from Belgium and Luxembourg

2 thoughts on “Getting to Symi 2019 – Italy

  1. Hallo
    Sebeco ferry. Fo you now anything. ?Rhodos to Symi.

    1. No information at all. No times, no starting date, no booking possible yet. Maybe we might find something out in May – I’ll be on Symi myself then and can ask the various ticket agents.

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