Slightly more ferries

Slightly more ferries

Blue Star have announced an additional service during May, providing a Symi-Rhodes 07:40 morning and Rhodes-Symi afternoon 17:00 sailing on Sundays during May. These are extra calls on the fast Saturday evening departure from Piraeus to Kos and Rhodes only, and the Sunday evening Rhodes-Kos-Piraeus service. Passengers can of course use them to get to/from Kos or Piraeus as well as Rhodes.
Will this continue after the end of May? It isn’t clear at all, some cynics on Symi are connecting the extra sailing with the timing of the municipal, European and (maybe) Greek national elections. Others say that the Ministry of Marine and Aegean Affairs civil servants are unwilling to authorise extra sailings in June and later when the Minister and Deputy Ministers are highly likely to change either as a result of elections or a pre-election reshuffle. There’s no meeting of the Coastal Shipping Council scheduled (which would provide cover for the civil servants if it happened).

There are several Scandanavian countries which send a high volume of flights into Rhodes on Sundays in summer and this may be useful for tourism if it does continue. Most shops in Rhodes are open on Sundays in summer so shopping trips for Symi residents would also be possible, though the sailings don’t help with medical appointments and meetings with lawyers, accountants, tax offices etc.

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  1. Hi Andy

    I have just noticed that ANES have released their late April/ early May Symi/Rhodes timetables .
    peter Cox

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