Even more ferries

Even more ferries

May looks like being a good month for ferries. Hot on the heels of the 4th weekly Blue Star announcement for the month of May comes the first few days of ANES Ferries “Sebeco” for the season. There had been doubt about whether Sebeco would operate Rhodes-Symi this summer, but here she is, with times released up to 8th May.
Now, ANES, tell us what you’re doing for the rest of May and indeed the rest of summer, as soon as you can. Because Symi is an island that really requires advance booking by tourists, they want to know when they can get there, especially since last year (and this year judging by the times released so far) Sebeco had/will have the much requested morning sailings from Symi and afternoon sailings from Rhodes on most days – and a mooring point in Symi right by the bus station.

Here’s the combined ferry timetable for May note that Sebeco times only run till the 8th of May, hopefully later dates will follow soon.

3 thoughts on “Even more ferries

  1. I arrive on sunday 16 June around 12 oclock midday, then one hour or more to get the suit-case. So it would be nice to have a ferry in the afternoon/evening 🙂 Cant get to Symi fast enough 🙂 On Sundays there are alot of planes arriving, so i really hope it will be a ferry to take me to Symi. We just have to wait and see i guess, thanks for all the good Info you share here, very useful, thanks alot 🙂

    1. Yes, if you were coming in May it would be easy, in June, we just don’t know yet.

  2. This comment doesn’t have to do with May ferries, it has to do with cabin selection on Blue Star. I am reserving for Sept. 10 from Pireaus to Symi, and on the choice of Accommodation section, I have no idea which choice will give us either two single or one double berth in a cabin by ourselves. There doesn’t seem to be a description of the various types of accommodation on the Blue Star site. Can you give me some advice? Thanks VERY much!

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