A May update from sunny Symi

A May update from sunny Symi

Well, here I am happily on Symi once again. What’s going on here?

On the transport front, despite what their website says, Blue Star Ferries are still using Blue Star Patmos on their Wednesday and Friday calls at Symi. For the past week, SeaDreams have been using King Saron on their day excursions from Rhodes instead of the advertised Symi II. Yesterday the tiny Zeus D appeared on a day excursion trip from Rhodes for the first time this year.

Blue Star Ferries “Blue Star Patmos” arriving on Wednesday 15 May

Transport on and around the island itself is still in very early season mode. No taxi boats (waterbuses) are operating yet, though half the boats are now back in the water and moored in Yialos alongside the freshly repainted ticket counters. The Poseidon has been out and about on her “round the island” trips several times a week. The Symi Bus is running to early season timetable  – no 15:00 from Yialos or 15:30 from Pedi yet, and the last bus is still 21:00 from Yialos/ 21:30 from Pedi. The Panormitis bus is running as usual.

Tourist infrastructure in Chorio and Yialos is nearly up to summer levels – most tavernas and cafes are now open (and of course some are open all year round anyway). Beaches are still being worked on after the extremely wet winter and only Nos and the Katsaras section of Pedi are serviced yet.

9 thoughts on “A May update from sunny Symi

  1. Mmm well my ticket out of Pireas for Kastellorhizo on 23rd says Nissos Chios. !

    1. And by then the Nissos Chios may have turned up on the route – but today it was the Blue Star Patmos, although the website claims she handed over to Nissos Chios 5 days ago.

  2. St Nickolas beach is also fully open in Pedi but its a walk in with no taxi boat! Nice and quiet as a result 🙂

    1. No idea. They release a couple of weeks at a time. Very traditionally Greek. After Thursday 23 May, not even the ticket office staff on Symi know.

  3. I managed to book tickets for the 24th on Sebeco on line last weekend but now the booking site is greyed out. Had an email to confirm and everything printed off ok. Now really confused.

    If it’s not running I suppose it will mean the 4.01 Blue Star.

    1. I’ve been told that ANES will release their entire summer timetable today. If this is correct, they may be loading sailings into the booking site at the moment. No sign of any new timetable at their Symi office though.

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