One day on, and another update

One day on, and another update

No sooner do I say what the bus is doing, than Lakis reinstates the 22:00 timing from Yialos/22:30 from Pedi for the season, effective today. There will be even later departures as the island gets busier.

The Symi Bus, May 2019

We may see taxi-boats in service tomorrow – the Loukas – Irini etc group of boats have now chalked up their departure times for early season, and at least St Nicholas beach is ready to receive visitors.

Petalo beach, which doesn’t need boat service, now has its giant sunshade up, and seating is being set out.

2 thoughts on “One day on, and another update

  1. hello Andy
    is it possible having the schedules of buses in symi in march
    just to have an idea for preparing our next stay
    I didn’t find them on internet
    thank you

    1. The timetables of buses on Symi are never available on the internet. I doubt if the bus operators have the faintest idea what they will be offering then. You’re about 8 months too early.Even for ferries you’re unlikely to find out before December. Sorry

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