Sebeco summer

Sebeco summer

Today many more sailings have appeared in the ANES online booking system for the Sebeco. They take things all the way to late October!The online timetable doesn’t show these yet.

There are several additional sailings from Rhodes to Symi at 19:30 on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, and from Symi to Rhodes at 08:00 on Sunday and Monday and Wednesday, and those Saturday and Sunday sailings, will be very encouraging for Scandanavian tourists, most of whose flights to Rhodes are on those days. The 10:00 and 13:00 sailings from Rhodes and the 11:45 and 17:45 from Symi continue from the current May timetable
Combined timetable for May
Combined timetable for June to September

Interestingly,there was an application to the Coastal Shipping Council last week for permission to run a ship Sebeco II between Piraeus and Aegina starting 15 June. It did not receive full approval. Due to the cloud of secrecy around ANES, it isn’t clear at all if this was meant to be a second ship of the same design.

In other news from Symi, the tourist road train is now running – with just one carriage at the moment. The Loukas- Irini -Michaelis – Constantinos taxiboat fleet has started service, though of the beaches they go to, only Ag Nikolaos has facilities open yet, though I’m informed Nanou should open today or tomorrow.

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  1. Hi
    I’ve just booked Rhodes Symi Sunday 9th June 10am
    Return Sat 15th June 12.45

  2. Hi Andy, Will there be a mid afternoon Weds ferry in Aug? Or should I just accept the 6pm one? TIA

    1. Lisa: ANES are offering a 13:30 sailing, and Blue Star are offering one at 18:30. That’s as good as you could reasonably expect.

  3. Hi Andy great to read all the latest info direct from Symi & hope you are enjoying yourself. Do you know if the Pedi to St.Nicks boat is running or is it just Irini’s that’s up and running ?

    1. Yes, George is up and running already. In addition the second Yialos-based taxiboat consortium has started their service, so a choice of three services, each with several departure times.

      1. Thanks Andy – not long now. Just over a week till we head over.

  4. Hi Andy, leaving Rhodes on the morning of 6 July for Sumo. Haven’t yet decided which ferry. Just need confirmation on a couple of things to help my decision, 1. does the Dodecanese express at 08:30 still leave from Kolona & can I get a ticket at the kiosk ? 2. For a less rushed breakfast I was going for the Sebecco at 10:00 but can’t work out where it leaves from, I think it is on the far right of Mandraki as You look out to sea ? & can I get a ticket at the kiosk for that ?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi Nic
      Dodekanisos Seaways still run at 08:30 Saturdays from Kolonna. Their main ticket office is there, right by the ferry, and will be glad to sell tickets for the same day subject only to not being full, which isn’t all that likely.
      Sebeco leaves from the quay called the Tourist Port, which is the next one south from Kolonna, following the city walls, and is also used for cruise ships and boats to/from Turkey. You could say it is to the far right from Mandraki, but you have to pass Kolonna first, which is nearer Mandraki.
      There is an octagonal wooden ticket office, shared by all the ferry companies using this quay, and ANES Ferries use one window of it, tickets are on sale from about an hour before departure.

      1. Thanks Andy, so even further from mandraki than Kollona. We are stopping at the Hermes opposite mandraki where we used to get Symi1 30 yrs ago, so I reckon a half hour walk to Sebecco.

        1. Depends how fast you walk. I’ve certainly done the walk in quite a bit less – 23 minutes from Sebeco to the Plaza Hotel (quite a way beyond the Hermes) in May.

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