Return of the Nissos Chios

Return of the Nissos Chios

Travellers with Blue Star tickets for much of May have been puzzled because although their tickets stated their ship was Nissos Chios (for the Wednesday and Friday sailings) what actually turned up was Blue Star Patmos. This wasn’t a problem, since the Patmos is if anything a slightly better ship, though there’s not much in it.
Finally there has been a belated shuffle round of ferries this weekend and Nissos Chios has actually reached the Dodecanese for the first time this year, so can be expected to visit Symi every Wednesday and Friday up to very early September. The Blue Star Patmos should then take over again until next spring.

Nissos Chios. Photo from Hellenic Seaways

If you’re still confused, the Nissos Chios has large “Hellenic Seaways” lettering on the side, along with a slightly smaller set “Operated by Blue Star Ferries”. Blue Star and Hellenic Seaways are sister companies and frequently exchange ships to get the best fit of capacity and speed on routes for particular seasons. The Diagoras, which spent many years operating in Blue Star colours in the Dodecanese, now carries “Operated by Hellenic Seaways” labels and runs Hellenic Seaways timings in the North Aegean.

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  1. Hi Andy, thanks for the useful information. We are spending two weeks in Symi next month and would love to take a day trip to Turkey (anywhere nearby). Do you have any tiles as I can’t find anything definitive online? Many thanks, Rachel

    1. You won’t find anything definitive on line at all, I’m afraid. There’s no day return possibilities from Symi to Turkey using public ferries (it is sometimes possible the other way round from Bodrum though). Local Symi excursion boats offer day excursions to nearby Datcha in Turkey on Saturdays, which is market day there. These are subject to enough people wanting to go, and are advertised locally only. It isn’t cheap due to port charges (and a surcharge levied in Datcha which is doubtful legally).

  2. Hi Andy,

    Thank you for the informative blog. It’s really good and useful since I’ve never been to Rhodes or Symi before. I’m due to arrive on Jet2 at 17.20 on Wednesday (they put the flight back 30 minutes!). Will I still have enough time to get the 18.30 Blue Star to Symi?

    1. Sorry, I really don’t think you’ll make it in 70 minutes. You need to clear immigration, reclaim your baggage, and then head off in a taxi to the port. The taxi journey alone may take 30 minutes. When you get to the port you’ll need to buy tickets (or pick up tickets if you booked on line – this is no quicker) and then walk to the actual ship.

    1. In common with all the large passenger/car/truck carrying ferries, Nissos Chios departs from the area in Rhodes Town port called Akandia, the only part where there’s enough space to marshal vehicles waiting to board.

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