Summer ferry sailings

Summer ferry sailings

Next, here are the summer sailings for ferries calling at Symi. Note these are true ferries, you can buy one-way or period return tickets. There are also a couple of boats doing day excursions to Symi from Rhodes. You cannot use these to get to Symi and just throw away the return journey, whatever you might think, at least not if you have any baggage at all – the baggage is a dead give-away that someone is trying to beat the system.

If you try to book one-way sailings on the Panagia Skiadeni that are routed via Panormitis, you’ll find that the Dodekanisos Seaways website shows it is full. But it almost certainly isn’t. Ask the website for a one-way ticket to Panormitis, and it will happily sell you one. Then book a ticket from Panormitis to Symi, and this will come free of charge. You actually need two tickets, because you can get off at Panormitis and wander about of you want to, the ship stays there for over an hour.

For those who were hoping that the Sea Star would make a long heralded reappearance at Symi to sail to Tilos, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the protracted overhaul seems to have been completed. The bad news is that two groups making up the syndicate that bought her from the liquidators have fallen out. Court proceedings are ongoing in Rhodes over alleged fraud and theft, with allegations of death threats too. Don’t expect any sailings this summer.

So here are the timetables:
1 May to 31 May
1 June to 3 September
4 September to 30 September
1 October to 31 October

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