Dodekanisos Seaways April to September, perhaps.

Dodekanisos Seaways April to September, perhaps.

Dodekanisos Seaways website has just been loaded with timetables for April and May 2020April to the beginning of October 2020. These are generally similar to 2019, allowing for the changing date of Easter, though the positioning sailings from Rhodes to Samos and return seem to have lost their calls at Symi. The sailings aren’t bookable yet, which may just be that they haven’t had enough time to load them yet, or may be due to the view circulating in Rhodes that the Panagia Skiadeni has been sold, and might be going elsewhere. If that happens, obviously the timetables will need to be changed.

Now Dodekanisos Seaways have had Panagia Skiadeni available for sale through shipbrokers for several years, but either there were no offers, or these were too low. The death of George Spanos, the chairman of Dodekanisos Seaways, during the winter may have caused a change of direction, but we don’t know who has bought the ship (if indeed she has actually been sold and this isn’t a false rumour) or what she might be used for.

Still waiting for Blue Star timetables, ANES timetables, and any possible fourth operator.

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  1. Hi Andy. Looking to book a Blue Star Ferry from Pireaus to symi. Confused with cabin descriptions via the website.

    Wish for an outside cabin for 2 people.

    Do we book A2-2 Berth Out – as 2 Berth
    Or Lux-Double Bed- As 2 Berth?

    1. Either will work. The Lux-Double Bed is larger and as its name suggests, has a double bed. The A2 is smaller and has two narrowish berths. Depending on which ship is on the route these might be bunks or either side of a narrow walk space.

  2. Hi Andy, we’re planning on going to Symi the last 2 weeks of July. The last time, we took a morning flight from Brussels to Rhodes and then a ferry the late afternoon to Symi. In your opinion, what are the chances that the trip Rhodes- Symi will be organiseren by a Shipping Company in the late Afternoon? As far as I can see, only Blue Star does this, but only on a Monday.

    1. Hi Bart
      What you can see now is less than half of the total sailings that will happen in July. Blue Star’s timetable is incomplete, there’s at least one ship’s worth to be added, they will very likely have a Wednesday afternoon sailing. If they do not, ANES Ferries almost certainly will instead, and none of their timetables are available yet. There may even be a fourth operator this year, it all depends who wins the government contracts for subsidised services in the area. This will not be known until mid March at the earliest, and the actual timetables may be later appearing than that.

  3. Hi Andy,
    We are travelling to Symi from Rhodes from Thursday the 28th of May to Thursday the 4th of June. will there be any issues do you think getting a ferry on these dates?
    Thanks, Mark

    1. Not a problem. Dodekanisos Seaways has already announced their timetable for May and there will be a sailing at 09:30 from Rhodes to Symi and 16:30 from Symi to Rhodes on the Thursdays you want to travel. ANES Ferries haven’t announced their timetable yet but last year they had two sailings in each direction on Thursdays.

  4. Hi Andy,

    We are due to fly to Rhodes on 1st July 2020 from the UK and then travel to SYMI on the next day if there are any flights then. What are the restrictions in Symi? and will we be able to travel about as normal.



    1. Hi Graham
      The situation is changing daily, as governments respond to changes in the number of people being infected. Greece has probably the best record in Europe for keeping its people safe from infection by COVID-19, and is determined to continue that way. The UK in contrast is generally seen by Greeks (in Coronavirus terms) as the plague pit of Europe for its dilatory and inadequate response to the emergency.
      So there are separate issues, one being the situation on Symi itself, the second being the situation in Greece generally, and the third being any restrictions on flights and passengers between the UK and Greece.

      On Symi, all shops are now able to open (though tourist oriented ones may not have done so for lack of customers), including hair and beauty salons, and a limited number of senior school students have gone back to school. Severe social distancing is in force. From Monday 25 May bars and tavernas will be able to reopen, again with severe social distancing, and serviced/organised beaches will be able to open (with wide spacing between umbrellas and no on-beach drinks service or meals in beach tavernas, just prepacked food). No tourist accommodation is open, and the official date for this to be possible is 1 July. Medical services are below normal on Symi with interns rather than fully experienced doctors. You can move about freely, but must not gather in groups of more than 10. Bus services are suspended and departures are being covered by a Lakis Travel hire car! Taxis are available, but may not carry more than 2 passengers each. It is not possible to travel to Symi at all by ferry unless you can prove permanent residence or you are travelling on official business.

      In Greece generally free movement of people between one part of the country and another is being restored in stages, and by 1 July it should be possible to travel without restrictions on ferries to and from Symi. At that point the currently less than daily ferry service is likely to be increased over the Rhodes-Symi route, though I have no idea yet what will operate – at the moment the Blue Star Monday/Wednesday/Friday Piraeus-Symi-Rhodes service is operating, plus 2 Dodekanisos Seaways catamarans a week, and two SAOS Ferries inter-island services a week. Domestic flights within Greece resumed yesterday.

      Difficulties are likely to come from international travel. At present anyone arriving from outside Greece has to be tested for Coronavirus on arrival, and quarantined in self isolation for two weeks. Greece proposes that this will be replaced by travellers being tested not more than three deays of departure and holding a certificate to confirm that they are free from infection. The EU has objected to this, both in terms of impeding the right of freedom of movement, and because many member countries have no way of undertaking the tests, getting the results, and issuing certificates, all within 3 days. As the UK is still in transition to leaving the EU, whatever is decided will apply to the UK as well.
      Then there’s the UK government. At the moment the Foreign & Commonwealth Office formally advises against overseas travel and as a result anyone who does so invalidates their travel insurance, and package tour operators will not risk running holidays without the advice changing. The UK government has also said that everyone entering the UK from abroad (except the Irish Republic) will have to isolate themselves in quarantine for two weeks after arrival. The date for when this would happen is not yet determined.

      Good luck.

      1. And an update: yesterday it was announced that the date for tourist accommodation to reopen has been brought forward to 15 June. However international flights will only operate to and from Athens airport (so not Rhodes) until 1 July, and even then, when there will be international flights into Rhodes, flights will only be permitted from countries which have got the COVID-19 infection well under control.

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