September and October ferries

September and October ferries

We now have the timetables for sailings in September and October 2020. As expected September is much the same as August with just some minor tweaks in departure times for Blue Star and SAOS Ferries. After the first week in September Blue Star Chios is replaced by the Symi regular Blue Star Patmos.
Now October is frankly pretty sparse. If the Greek government is serious in wanting to extend the tourist season in order to make up for the earlier lost weeks, they will have to come up with some incentives to get the ferry companies to do better than this.
A new operator may appear – SYMI LINKS SHIPPING. They have a fast ferry, just overhauled and renamed Agia Sofia, and we are told it will be launched in mid-October. The trouble is that “launched” as translated from Greek, could mean either “put into the water” or “commence operations” . It certainly doesn’t mean launched in the sense of newbuilt as she was built in Sweden in 1992. It also could just be another daytrip boat – the King Saron’s season appears to end on 15 October, and there are various cross-shareholdings between Symi Links, Sea Dreams, Dodecanese Flying Dolphins and ANES. More will follow as I find out what is happening.

Update: it has been announced that Agia Sofia is a true ferry and will spend each night in Symi, she will also operate year round. All we need now is the timetable and the start date. I suspect that the operator is waiting for official approval, which may take longer than usual as the government minister concerned is self-isolating after coming into contact with a COVID-19 carrier.

September timetables

October timetables

4 thoughts on “September and October ferries

  1. Are you sure about the Blue Star leaving Arkandia at 4pm on Friday 11th? All the timetables (Blue Star and Direct Ferries) still have it leaving at 7pm ??

    1. You’re correct. While Direct Ferries is far from definitive and never shows the full set of operations, Blue Star themselves are always accurate about their own ships. This appears to be a one-off time change – the sailing goes at 4pm on the other Fridays it operates. It may have something to do with the switch over of ships from Blue Star Chios to Blus Star Patmos

  2. Hi Andy

    I am struggling to find a website to book a ferry from Rhodes to symi for the 15th October do you have a link at all the saos website links don’t allow you to book

    Many thanks janis

    1. Hi Janis
      Sorry it took a while to get back to you,but I’m actually on Symi right now, so out enjoying myself!
      There’s no need to book SAOS ferries sailings in advance. Always plenty of room. Pay at the port. But if you feel worried by this, use . Their website will sell a SAOS ticket from Rhodes, it will be waiting for you when you board the ship.

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