A little housekeeping

A little housekeeping

For a while now I have stopped updating the blog after I was accused (and blocked as a result) of spamming Facebook when I made a post to say this blog had been updated with new timetables. Now I don’t get any income from any source to maintain the blog, I pay for it entirely out of my own pocket, so this was really offensive.
However, a fortnight on Symi, and lots of Symi residents telling me they valued the information I publish here, has convinced me to continue. So once the “rush period” of the Panormitis Festival is over, I’ll produce the winter ferry timetables as usual. and make a start on the flight schedules for 2022.

Inevitably someone will ask, so I will have to make it clear again that there are no ferry timetables at all available past March 2022 yet, and even some services that are expected to operate haven’t issued times past the end of November. It is also fair to say that using previous years’ times as a guide no longer works – 2021’s sailings have been very different to 2020’s which in turn were different to 2019’s.

7 thoughts on “A little housekeeping

  1. Dear Andy, many thanks for your excellent, useful and accurate website. You write that lots of Symi residents had told you that they valued the information you publish. I would say that your website is a real service for travellers to the Dodecanese more generally. So, please do keep up the good work. It’s appreciated!

  2. Andy, I understand completely how offensive it can be to be criticised for the way you use your own time and money to provide a free service to other people.
    I’ve learned that the important thing is to ignore the criticism and remember the vast, vast silent majority do appreciate what you do even if we don’t tell you often enough. Please continue posting your updates whenever it is convenient for you. They ARE appreciated!

  3. Beyond disappointing to hear that Mr. Ward. ‘Surprised’ though went out the window many a moon ago.

    Your efforts have always been a great help to me in my holiday planning to Rhodes. Thank you for your selfless work all these years.

  4. Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle.
    I understand how social media is important if you want to get a message out but I’ve always purposely avoided it for all the aggro it seems to generate.
    I shall be consulting this site as always next year when planning out annual jolly to the islands.
    Thanks for all your work.

  5. Dear Andy, some of us are now starting to plan our holidays to the islands for 2022. We must stay positive. I for one am not getting any younger but determined to enjoy a few more years on these wonderful islands. Long may your blog continue. We need you. Looking forward to the next instalment.

    Fingers crossed for 2022, Margot

  6. Dear Andy,

    We visit Symi every year and have always found your blog invaluable and interesting to read….even when we’re not due a visit!
    Sorry to hear of your issues but please be assured that you are very much appreciated in all that you do, in your own time and at your own cost.
    Thank you so much,
    Margaret & Gordon

  7. I’ve only just come across this so apologies for coming to it rather late in the day. We find your blog invaluable, have been using it for many years and look forward to doing so again later this year. Very pleased that you’ve decided not to allow such ill-informed criticism causing you to give up producing it. Thank you for all your efforts.

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