4 thoughts on “Summary ferry timetables

  1. this link for Tilos ferries might be of use –

    Seems the Halki ferry Sebeco 11 will not run again but the Fedon and Nissos Halki will do the Kamiros crossings to Halki.
    The Fedon goes on to Tilos 3 days a week.

    There are some direct connections possible between Symi Tilos Halki and Kastelorizo with some planning looking at the Tilos link above.

    Just heard that the Anek Lines Prevelis ferry may not be running the Pireaus – Cyclades to RHO Halki Karpathos and Crete route anymore from the end of June and possibly Seaspeed is taking it on…hope this is all of use…

  2. Andy, don’t know if things have changed, but Sebeco this morning appears to now be going from Kolona, not the tourist port. Don’t know if this is permanent.

      1. Yes, it has been saying that ever since services resumed for the summer in April, but in practice until the last few days the ferry has been using the Tourist Port just as she did last year. Indeed in May I actually travelled on Sebecco from the Tourist Port. The excellent Marine Traffic app shows that at some point last week operations finally shifted to Kolonna, probably because at that point the ticket office for Sebecco at Kolonna became available for use.

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