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Month: August 2018

Late summer and autumn ferries

Late summer and autumn ferries

Alert readers will have noticed that the High Season timetable for ferries effectively ends on 9 September. Today ANES has announced that their ferry Sebeco will continue in operation until 31 October – previously ending on 9 September.

The timetable up to 14 October is very much the same as today, except that journeys between Symi and Rhodes each way now take an hour and 10 minutes, in the light of experience. Departure times haven’t changed.

Between 15 and 31 October the timetable changes significantly. The morning departures are still at 08:00 from Symi and 10:00 from Rhodes, but the trip to Panormitis and back doesn’t happen and she leaves for Rhodes at 13:30, returning from Rhodes to Symi at 15:15. Sunday 28 October has a one-off timetable all its own.

Here is the combined ferry timetable for 10-30 September

and here for October