January Update – Ferries and Flights

January Update – Ferries and Flights

Blue Star Ferries have announced their timetables round to the end of October 2019.

Between now and the end of January the existing 3-boats a week service operated by Blue Star Patmos will continue.

From the beginning of February to mid March, the service drops back to the traditional Wednesday and Friday sailings provided by Blue Star Patmos, then from 17 March to mid-June the third sailing reappears – Sunday night from Piraeus, Monday morning at Symi (0825) and on to Rhodes. In the opposite direction this service leaves Rhodes at 16:00 Mondays. It can be operated by either Blue Star 1 or Blue Star 2, and between Piraeus and Symi it calls at Santorini and Kos. After 10 June the southbound timetable alters to leave Piraeus (and thus Symi) later, and the Symi call is at 10:25. Finally from 9 September the 08:25 timing returns, up to the end of October.

Nissos Chios. Photo from Hellenic Seaways

There’s less change on Wednesdays and Fridays: these sailings remain unaltered up to early May, then the Nissos Chios returns for the summer, with a time change so southbound boats pass through Symi on Wednesdays at 04:55 and on Fridays at 06:15. Northbound the Wednesday timing doesn’t change, but the Friday one comes forward to 16:00 from Rhodes, so 17:25 leaving Symi.  Blue Star Patmos returns on 10 September, when the southbound Friday boat changes to 07:15 and the northbound one goes back to 19:00, with one final tweak on 1 October with Friday southbound being 07:30.

Confused? Check their website, or wait for my ferry summaries, though I can’t do these until Dodekanisos Seaways and ANES have published their timings.


Now on the flights front, Germania is in serious financial trouble and their board says they will have to close without a major investment from outside. This is what is keeping me from issuing the flight schedules from Germany, so I’ll push the other European countries forward in their place.

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