2 thoughts on “Getting to Symi 2019 – Austria

  1. flylolo .com is supposed to be flying from SOU to KGS on a Sat night flight in high season
    airline is still TBA

    1. Yes, I discovered this a few days ago. Times are dreadful for anyone going to Symi as it really arrives too late to check into an hotel, but the next ferry isn’t until late afternoon. That and the uncertainty about the actual airline made me avoid issuing an update. It was originally intended to charter a Flybe aircraft, but Flybe has effectively been taken over and the only aircraft type they have that can make the journey without refuelling may well leave the fleet before summer. Southampton Airport has a very short runway and many aircraft types either can’t use it or have to go out partly loaded.
      Flylolo isn’t an airline, it is an agency specialising in block-booking and re-selling flight seats to travel agents and small tour operators – in many ways (including its management) it is the descendant of Avro, which collapsed as part of the Monarch group.

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