Thomas Cook days 10 and 11

Thomas Cook days 10 and 11

Condor continues to operate normally. It’s been pointed out to me that Thomas Cook Scandanavia isn’t operating anywhere near as normally as it claims, with a flight from Oslo being 36 hours late into Rhodes this week.

The next set of repatriation flights to the UK have now been announced:

From Rhodes there will be a flight to Birmingham at 01:05 on Sunday 6 October, EuroAtlantic Airways flight YU1883. This will also carry passengers originally booked to Gatwick on 5 October (sounds dreadful, but the Gatwick flight was at 23:40 so departure is only 75 minutes later), as well as the Manchester passengers from 6 October. Road transport will be provided from Birmingham to Gatwick and Manchester.

For those who don’t know, EuroAtlantic is a Portuguese airline specialising in short-term charters like these.


This completes the flights from Rhodes. Anyone holding  a Thomas Cook ticket from Rhodes to the UK dated 7 October or later and needing to return to the UK, will have one of three options:

If they were on a package holiday provided by a tour operator other than Thomas Cook, that tour operator is responsible for getting them home, and has probably already been in touch about it.

Or, if they have an ATOL certificate issued by Thomas Cook, the UK Civil Aviation Authority will be responsible for getting them home. They will be given tickets on other existing flights, and the CAA will probably have already been in touch with them about it.

If neither of these applies to you, sorry, you’re on your own and need to arrange your own flight back. You may be able to recover some or all of the cost from insurance or a credit card issuer if you paid by credit card and the cost was over ¬£100.

There’s still one flight from Kos where details of the repatriation flight has not been released yet, once that is done, normal blog service will resume.


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