Getting to Symi 2020 – from the UK and Ireland

Getting to Symi 2020 – from the UK and Ireland

Here’s the first of the 2020 summer flight summary tables – this one covers flights from the UK. A couple of warnings: TUI has not yet had approval for the flight time slots they are advertising for 2020, so some times will probably change, and as usual some of their flights will be outsourced to other airlines – so far I only know of one that affects Rhodes or Kos, but with there being very little chance of all their Boeing 737MAX planes being operational in time for summer, there are bound to be more.

UPDATE: Aer Lingus has now placed scheduled flights from Dublin to Rhodes on sale! Flight table updated.

Don’t forget, too, that connecting via Athens or Thessaloniki using Aegean Airlines and their subsidiary Olympic Air adds a lot more flexibility. Whatever airline you use for your outward trip, they all sell one-way tickets and you could return with a different airline (or even to/from a different airport) if this suits you.

So here we go:

Flight times for non-stop flights from the UK and Ireland to Rhodes and Kos, Summer 2020

2 thoughts on “Getting to Symi 2020 – from the UK and Ireland

  1. Hello, help! 🙂

    I am trying to book ferries from Kos to Symi for July 2020 but at the moment it says there are only ferries on a Monday? Do you know what is happening?

    Many thanks


    1. Yes, you are trying to book way before the timetables have been approved and released. Luckily there’s absolutely no need to book ferry tickets months in advance in Greece, and Greeks are utterly bewildered as to why anyone would want to, which is why they don’t hurry to release the timetables. A UK equivalent would be trying to book train tickets, or find out the timetables for local buses, six months in advance – you simply have to wait.
      In 2019 there were two operators providing ferries between Kos and Symi, Blue Star and Dodekanisos Seaways. Blue Star normally provide three sailings a week, two of which are subsidised and one of which is not. They’ve announced the unsubsidised sailing, that’s the one you’ve found on Mondays, but they can’t announce the other two until the government signs the contract, assuming they actually do. Dodekanisos Seaways never release their timetable until February, and then there are often sailings missing that are added later, again because some are subsidised and some are not.

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