July and August ferries

July and August ferries

Blue Star Ferries “Blue Star Patmos” arriving
Now that at least some tourists are able to get direct flights from their home airports to Rhodes, it is probably time to show the summer ferry timetables. These are drastically cut back compared to previous years, because the ferry companies simply don’t expect anywhere near as many travellers. What is left is mostly the subsidised routes that have to run anyway.
Will there be more sailings? Well, Dodekanisos Seaways might add a Sunday sailing – they have done on an ad-hoc basis the last two weekends. To get anything more, they would need to cancel service to somewhere else, or to reactivate the Panagia Skiadeni. This is possible but unlikely – because ferry loadings are restricted to allow social distancing, it may not be possible to cover costs on non-subsidised routes.

What about September? Probably more of the same, but it is really too early to tell. Once we have timings from all the ferry operators, I’ll put timetables up – SAOS Ferries are only offering up to 31 August at the moment.
What about the Sebeco? Not sailing to Symi this year, likely to appear in the Piraeus area.

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    1. The new port area beyond the petrol station. Some of the ships they send to Symi would not physically fit anywhere else.

  1. I couldn’t find any information on the Dodekanisos Ferry website about a Friday sailing Rhodes to Symi in July or August. Do you have another source of information? I’m hoping for a Thursday or Friday sailing in September but, as you advise, I’m not holding my breath. It looks like SAOS Stavros on aThursday (assuming that it’s still going in September) and back on the Pride/Express on the Monday – little more than a long weekend in Symi. Not great but better than nothing and an opportunity to get to know Rhodes a little better.

    1. There are sailings from Rhodes to Symi on Thursdays (SAOS Ferries) and Fridays (Blue Star) but not, so far, by Dodekanisos Seaways. But timetable changes happen frequently and at short notice. If you are not travelling until September any information you get now (which is limited) will probably be wrong by the time you actually travel. I’m afraid shipping lines have been as hard hit as anyone by lockdowns etc, tourist volumes are down to 25% or lower compared to this time last year, and ferries are running close to the basic “lifeline” levels with government subsidy. Good luck.

  2. We have a flight from Rhodes to UK on 6 October at 13.00. We are hoping there might be a ferry from Symi early that morning. Do you think this is likely or do you think we will have to return from Symi to Rhodes on 5 October on the 05.00 sailing?
    Is it ever possible to get a private transfer from Symi to Rhodes at a reasonable price
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi, Roger
      If I knew which ferry sailings will exist in October, I’d be a happy man, as I will be arriving just as you are leaving. There are three ferry operators sailing between Symi and Rhodes this year – Blue Star (which has published times for its three sailings a week); Dodekanisos Seaways (which operates all year round, so will have ferries in October, we just don’t know days of the week yet) and SAOS Ferries (who haven’t even got round to announcing their September sailings yet). If things remain much as they are now, there will be a Dodekanisos Seaways boat on Monday at 5.15pm getting to Rhodes at 6.10pm, and a SAOS Ferries boat on Tuesday which doesn’t leave Symi until after you need to be at the airport. But anything can happen, these are unprecedented times.
      Can you get a private sailing? Yes, as long as sea conditions are reasonable, the boats available are mostly rigid inflatables or small fishing boats. If the sea is rough, you and your baggage will get wet at minimum, seasick is quite possible. Ask at FJ Gold, Elpida’s Kafenion, or Taxiarchis Hotel, to get in touch with the three captains who might do it. Price will be eyewatering – €200+ last year.
      Good luck

      1. Andy, do you know where the SAOS ferry leaves from in Rhodes – Akandia? and where it arrives in Symi – clock tower? Thanks

        1. Certainly departs from Akandia, Clive. There are varying reports from Symi about where it arrives there. Most people say the Clock Tower.

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