Summer Ferries – now the 2021 timetables are here.

Summer Ferries – now the 2021 timetables are here.

Panagia Skiadeni in 2019, she’ll look at lot less orange by the time she gets to Symi this year.

This week has seen the timetable announcements by SAOS Ferries and most importantly ANES Ferries for this summer. We now have times from now right through to late October, and I’ve started compiling the summary timetables. Basically for July, August and September there will be at least 3 ferries every day between Rhodes and Symi, and between Symi and Rhodes. On some days there will be 4 or even 5 sailings.

Here is the summary timetable for July August and September

I’m working on May, June and October and will add these to this post when they are ready.

For those who do not know Symi well, Blue Star use the new quay by the petrol station, SAOS and Dodekanisos Seaways use moorings at the Clock Tower, and ANES moor near the bus terminus. The Rhodes mooring points are shown in the summary timetables.

5 thoughts on “Summer Ferries – now the 2021 timetables are here.

  1. Hallo
    Can you tell me please, what the name is at the port, where Sebeco depart from Rhodos. Thanks.
    Sincerrely Hanna

    1. Its official name is the Tourist Port, and that is what the signs pointing to it say. Some older maps still call it the Commercial Harbour

  2. is the tourist port aka Kolona?

    Big boats go from Akandia (Blue Star, anek, saos

    1. Basically the ferries capable of carrying full size trucks leave from Akandia where there is room to marshal the trucks safely. So yes, Blue Star, ANEK, SAOS, but also Dodekanisos Seaways ship Panagia Skiandeni. The Seajets route across to Crete is so new I don’t know for certain where it leaves from.
      The Tourist Port is mid way between Akandia and Kolonna, it is the very large pier used in better times by cruise ships and ferries to and from Turkey. ANES ferries use the end closest to the Old Town walls. You’ll find it is signposted as Tourist Port in Greek and English.
      Now, SAOS ferries special offer. They did something similar last year, but just for Kastellorizo. When people tried to use it they found that it was only available to residents of Kastellorizo, of which there are less than 500. So check the small print very carefully before relying on the offer. In any case they are the cheapest ferry on the Rhodes-Symi route, except for people with Blue Star’s loyalty cards (Sea Smiles, you are able to get the cards on board and register them on line later).

  3. BTW SAOS have just announced free travel on the routes of FB Stavros (cross in greek) until 30/6 then from 15/9>

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