Still no Skiadeni

Still no Skiadeni

As predicted, the Panagia Skiadeni of Dodekanisos Seaways is not going to enter service until at least 27 September this year. To be honest, I now doubt even more that she will make an appearance before 2022. Really by 27 September there will not be enough of the tourist season left to justify the cost of putting her into commission, and I’d expect that in a couple of weeks time there will be a further timetable change pushing the date back again.
Here is the combined ferry timetable up to 12 September, and here is the one for 13 to 26 September. Best to wait a bit for the extreme end of September and the month of October, to see what ANES will do.

3 thoughts on “Still no Skiadeni

  1. Hi Andy,

    do you which harbour in RHO do Seajets ferry leave from please?

    the ferry leaves RHO on Friday at 13.30 to Chalki then goes on to Sitia.

    Parosjet or Superrunner is the vessel.

    Assume it is the big port where Blue Star leave from (Akandia) but can someone please kindly confirm thanks!

    1. Yes, it leaves from Akandia. In fact all domestic ferries capable of carrying anything bigger than a small car must leave from Akandia as this is the only place with vehicle marshalling facilities.

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