Finally things settle down in time for high season

Finally things settle down in time for high season

King Saron on the “wrong” side of Yialos harbour – normally moors on the Clock Tower side.

The ferry companies seem to have decided what they are doing in time for the peak July and August season. There are more sailings than ever, though if you dislike Sebeco class ferries you’ll have to select travel times with care. September is a little more confused – one ship appears to arrive and depart simultaneously, but once I’ve worked out what they actually mean, the September timetable will appear in a new post.
In the meantime, here are the times for July and August
So some clarifications
Rhodes departure points – large ferries leave from Akandia – that’s the Blue Star and SAOS ferries ships, and the Panagia Skiadeni; most of the smaller ferries – Dodekanisos Express, Sebeco 1 and Sebeco 2 leave from Kolonna, and the King Saron leaves from the landward end of the Tourist Port jetty – that’s the one that specialises in gigantic cruise ships. No ferries whatever leave from Mandraki – that’s entirely day excursion boats and yachts now.
Symi departure points – Sebeco Lines on the south side of the harbour by the bus terminus; Blue Star in the new port area on the south side past the petrol station, King Saron and Dodekanisos Express – north side near the clock tower. Panagia Skiadeni and Stavros are meant to use the new port area, but can often use the Clock Tower side to load and unload passengers – check with Symi Tours who are the port agents.

9 thoughts on “Finally things settle down in time for high season

  1. Andy, we are arriving Rhodes/Symi in a months time and staying overnight on Rhodes. The usual Olympic thing. Any idea about what accommodation they are using this year? And, the ferry. Is that the Blue Star they use on Wednesday’s?

    1. Not something I really know about, I’m afraid. Normally Olympic use whatever accommodation they have on contract which is empty on the night. That could be anywhere on Rhodes island! Not even they know yet what will be vacant on the day you arrive as they’re still taking bookings for Rhodes holidays.
      They will use Blue Star if it suits the plane arrival/departure times, as it saves them money, but if you are overnighting on Rhodes Wednesday to Thursday there is no Blue Star sailing to Symi on a Thursday. My guess would be either Stavros or one of the Sebecos. If you are returning on a Wednesday, the Blue Star sailing from Symi is so early that you’d be hanging around Rhodes all day, so likely Sebeco again.

      1. We are going to symi 16th july and wondered if we have to book the ferry tickets in advance or can just get a walk up ticket as theres a 4pm or 5.30pm sebecco ferry. Our flight gets in at 13:10.

        1. Sebeco sailings have been very full so far this season, and people have been turned away from the morning departures from Rhodes if they hadn’t booked. Late afternoon sailings ought to be much quieter, but this is the first year with the two-ship timetable so things aren’t totally clear yet. There is a Sebeco ticket kiosk at Kolonna and it does sell walk-up tickets if seats are available. You can also buy on line and present your boarding pass on a smartphone, might be an idea to do that once it becomes clear whether your plane is going to depart on time or not so you have an idea which of the two sailings you could catch. It may not matter to you but the 17:30 sailing is half the price of the 16:00 (subsidised)

          1. Ok thanks. Think we will just book the 17.30 ferry anyway.

  2. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for all the info you provide on the ferries via Symi/ Rhodes. We were about to book tickets for Sunday the 1st October on the Sebecco website when we checked your blog. According to their website there is a sailing at 17.30 from Rhodes however on your blog the last sailing is in the morning. Our flight doesn’t get in until around 13.30. Do you think that Sebecco have not updated their website and is it best we leave the booking until nearer the time.
    Kind Regards
    Adrian Watts

    1. Sebeco’s website is definitive for their sailings, at least unless they decide to change it. In fact I need to update the blog as a line has been cut off the timetable, which I can’t do until I’m back home on Tuesday. If you feel you need the security of having a booking now, then do it. If the timetable changes Sebeco Lines should contact you. But I’d recommend leaving things until later in September. This sailing is not going to sell out, it is the morning ones from Rhodes that sometimes do.

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